Urgent Document Delivery

Direct, same-day delivery when time is critical.

Legal papers | Real Estate documents | Building plans | Contracts | Boxes of files

When time is critical or the documents are of sensitive nature, the best options is direct personal delivery to get these documents to you or your clients in minutes. Dependable drivers are available seven days a week to provide on-demand or scheduled service on every order to be delivered when needed, with no extra charges and no required membership fees.

EZER Delivery offers the current technologies to bring you quick and easy to use tools in submitting orders with full turn-by-turn tracking on screen, event notifications and immediate proof of delivery. Single urgent documents to multiple file boxes can be delivered in minutes.

time sensitive paperwork deliveries

Legal Paperwork Delivery

Legal paperwork delivered across town, across the county or 100 miles away the same day.


Time Sensitive Document Delivery

Urgent, time sensitive paperwork of all types including legal papers, contracts, real estate documents, building plans and more picked up and delivered when needed

File box delivery

Boxes of files

Transfer files from office to office or to your employees working remotely all delivered the same-day.

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