Shopping online

Shopping from Home or the Office

If you prefer to do your shopping online and don’t want to go out or can’t go out, EZER has solutions for you.

Either you don’t have the time to run out and pick up the items or you just don’t want to deal with the traffic and the parking or the items will not fit into your car anyway, we get it.

Use EZER to take care of picking up and delivering your orders from any store or business on-demand or scheduled as needed, seven day a week.

When you purchase products or supplies online and they give you the options for “Buy Online and Pick up in Store” or at a local warehouse location, EZER can be used to pick up those orders and deliver them to you directly. Simply place your order online to ship to a local location, then schedule an order with EZER to pick it up. It’s that easy.

If the orders are sourced from any local store or business, just place the order on Will-Call and note in the order that a driver with EZER will be picking up the order. Then schedule an order with EZER with instructions to pick up that order and it can be delivered the same day.

No more waiting, no more delays, no more hassles.

traffic and time

Traffic, Parking, Time

When you don’t want go out or just can’t go out, EZER can help get those orders picked up and delivered.

simple and easy

Easy Ordering When Needed

EZER is an easy to use web based system and App to get your orders picked up and delivered the same day.

family time

Your Time is More Important

There are many reasons why you just don’t want to go out, EZER is always available to help.

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