Buying and Selling online

EBay / Craigslist / OfferUp / LetGo / Facebook Marketplace

If you are selling or buying on any online network and need to send items locally, EZER Delivery can be used to get those items picked up and delivered the same-day.

No longer wait for the things you purchased today. If you're the buyer and need this item today, you can use EZER Delivery to have the item picked up and delivered directly. If you’re the seller, there is no need to pack and label the items, just arrange a time the buyer will be available to receive the item and put in an order with EZER as needed. A truck or van will arrive to pick up the item as requested.


Small Items

Items of all size and types that are needed right away can be picked up and deliver within minutes.


Larger Items

Get those local items delivered directly that are normally hard to ship using traditional methods. EZER Delivery will pick-up and deliver at any time needed.


Selling Online

If you are a power seller online and need a better local solution, EZER Delivery can be your partner for your local delivery needs. Contact us today at Questions for EZER to get started.

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