Home Delivery

Retail Delivery Solution

Same-day delivery for your local customers, 7-days a week.

Retail stores of any size and type can use EZER for same day delivery. Orders delivered directly from the store or a local distribution location to your customer’s home.

EZER can help you compete in today’s competitive retail world in offering personal service for your customers in getting the purchases the want and need today.


Small Local Stores

Provide same-day delivery for your local customers directly from your store on-demand or on a schedule as requested by your customers.


Larger Retailers

EZER can be you partner in connecting you with local drivers that offer same-day delivery from all of your stores.


Personalized Deliveries

Orders delivered into your customer’s hands for the personal touch, not left on a porch or left to be stolen by porch pirates.

EZER Delivery for Home Delivery

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