Just-In-Time Delivery

Have supplies, equipment, parts and tools delivered on your schedule.

Personalized, on-demand delivery, 7-days a week.

When your space is limited and you don’t have the room for storage, you need to have access to additional supplies and products on a moment’s notice. With EZER Delivery, all of those locally sourced supplies and products can be delivered in minutes, not days.

Yes, you can also use EZER Delivery if you have the storage space, but just run short on products or don’t have the supplies you need. When time is critical, direct delivery is when you need and what you get on every order with EZER Delivery.

The professional and dependable drivers with EZER Delivery are available seven days a week to complete every order needed and delivered on your schedule with no extra fees and no required membership fees.

From parcel size items, to many boxes of supplies, to a bulky item and on up to a single pallet of supplies can be picked up and delivered directly the same-day, on-demand or scheduled.

Any size or type business can use EZER Delivery for picking up and delivering their supplies as well as delivering products to their customer’s the same day.

Think of the possibilities, with EZER you now have the options to bring in any locally sourced essential products, supplies and tools on your schedule. On-demand or scheduled as needed with full tracking and ETAs to the minute.

When time is critical

Time Sensitive Delivery

When time is sensitive and you are needing products and supplies Just-in-Time, EZER Delivery can have it delivered in minutes.

parcel to pallet

Many Options.

From parcel size items, to many boxes of supplies, to a bulky item and on up to a single pallet can delivered as needed.


One Tool, Many Solutions

EZER Delivery give you all the tools needed to order a delivery when need and track the order to completion.

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