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Running out of supplies on short notice is a problem for everyone.
Never run short again using EZER Delivery.

If you need to get locally sourced supplies or products to your establishment, there is no need to wait until tomorrow or your next “scheduled day” of your route delivery to arrive. Now you can use EZER Delivery to get the needed supplies and products to your establishment in minutes.

Any type or size of establishment can use EZER for those emergency supplies when you run short or for your everyday needs of getting products, tools and supplies delivered. Utilizing EZER Delivery to get these supplies picked up and delivered the same day can eliminate your customers from ever knowing you ran short.


Supplies and Products

Supplies, tools and products of all types and sizes delivered as needed from any local distribution store or warehouse.


Available seven days a week

Get those needed supplies and products delivered in minutes, seven days a week.


Supply Store Owners

Use EZER to offer your customers same day, local delivery on daily orders as well as needed when there is an emergency. Contact us to get started.

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