Frequently Asked Questions

 How does EZER work?

EZER is a web based system and App system that can be used whenever you need something picked up and / or delivered. The EZER website ( offers a full service, secure web portal for ordering which is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes. EZER is also available as an App that is perfect for individuals. All you simply do is go to the EZER website or click on the App, upload or take a picture of the item(s), enter some details such as the size and weight to be picked up, the EZER system will give you an estimated cost and submit your request for a driver. An available driver will accept this assignment and a picture of the driver will be available. The driver will arrive with a pickup truck or van to pick up and deliver your item(s).

 Where can I use EZER?


There are a number of different ways to use EZER including getting customer’s orders delivered, have stock transferred to other local locations, or have supplies brought in when needed. Ask us for ideas of how EZER can help improve your operation at


You can use EZER everywhere; all you need is to have the EZER App handy on your phone. At a big box store, a friend’s houses, an electronics store, Flea markets, yard sales, home improvement stores, sporting goods stores and office supplies warehouses. EZER can also get items picked up for you when you are unable to make it to the store, all you need to do is request a will-call pickup and then set up your EZER request.

We are a business or retailer; can we use EZER for our deliveries?

Yes, EZER is available for picking up and delivering your orders the same day. Please contact us directly at and we can discuss the possibilities.

Is there anything EZER will not pick up and deliver?

EZER will follow all laws and basic safety rules so there will be a handful of items we will not transport including:

  • We will not transport people, only items
  • We will not transport animals.
  • No illegal products or items
  • No hazardous materials such as explosives or poisonous items.
  • No firearms or ammo
  • And anything that would not safely fit into a pickup truck or van such as pianos and hot tubs.
What do I get when I request a driver?

When you request a driver with EZER, you will get directly connected with a single driver which will arrive in a Pickup Truck, Van, or SUV that is in good condition and this driver will have the knowledge and supplies to secure the items in the vehicle. If the items are oversized and heavy, you may need to ensure there is help to assist in loading or unloading. In limited locations, a helper with the driver may be available with special arrangements and the rate of the order is doubled. Please check for availability.

What can EZER deliver? How large is too large?

An Order must safely and legally fit into a single pickup truck or van. EZER delivery capabilities currently include all parcel size items, bulky items and up to a small, single pallet of products. Larger quantities of products will require multiple orders to complete the delivery. In the future, additional vehicle options will be added and made available.

What distance does EZER consider “Local”?

The EZER system is designed for same-day local delivery with a range up to 150 miles from any active location. Longer distances are possible when needed.

Can I schedule a pickup for a future date?

Yes, using EZER, you can have the items picked up now, On-Demand, or schedule them for a future date whenever it is best for you. EZER is available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Is this service safe?

Drivers with EZER go through full background checks and have insurance and registered vehicles. All drivers have the knowledge and watchful eye to secure and care for your items.

Can I track the driver and my items?

Yes, the EZER system online and the App are fully automated to give you step-by-step updates as well as location of the driver on the map from beginning to end.

Can I request special order requirements?

Yes, just by entering those special requests in the order notes. If a signature is needed upon delivery, please note this in the “special notes” field so the driver knows to be sure to get the signature. If the order is to be delivered to a specified individual, please add it in the notes and a contact number would be helpful. The more information added in these note fields, the more successful the order will be.

Are items insured?

Yes, beyond the driver’s insurance, EZER carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy to cover your items being picked up and delivered.

What is the cost and how do I pay?

All rates with EZER are calculated through the system based on true address-to-address miles and actual time costs that are different in all regions. The EZER system and the App will provide an estimate cost once you enter the origin, destination, and item(s) details before you request a driver. There is a minimum charge which is $38.00, this will cover a quick order for three to four mile delivery. EZER does not charge on the number of items in the order, just the individual trip itself. When requested and the items are delivered, you will be notified to rate the driver and service and then accept the final total amount which will charge to the card you have on file. This service is secure and completely cashless.

How do I get a price quote from EZER?

The easiest way to get a price quote at any time is to set up your free EZER account and click on New Order. Enter the starting address, the weight and the destination address and the quick estimate will be there in the lower right-hand corner. If you want to proceed with the order, just complete the rest of the requested information and click on Place Order.

Why am I seeing an cost "estimate"?

Rates are calculated based on address-to-address miles and actual time. An estimated rate is given due to the factors of time depending on actual road conditions and traffic, as well as any possible delays in loading and unloading. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

Does the driver expect a tip?

The EZER system will ask you to rate the driver on completion of the order and if you would like to offer the driver a tip, it can be entered here. A tip is completely voluntary and if you would like to show your gratitude, the driver will receive 100% of this tip given.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, there is a $25 cancellation fee when a driver is in route or has arrived and the service is canceled. If the driver has arrived and there is waiting involved before the order is canceled, there is an additional $25 per hour charge. If a helper was pre arranged with the driver, these charges are doubled.

Can I reschedule an appointment?

If you need to change a scheduled appointment, please email with the order number and your requested date and time change. We will confirm with you when the order is updated.

Where is EZER currently available?

EZER was launched and is headquartered in Southern California with delivers all through Southern California. EZER is also available in a growing number of additional cities and states. We will be expanding to any and all markets as the demand requests. EZER is available to expand any city, worldwide.

If you would like to see EZER in your region, please sign up and let us know or ask us at

How can I become a driver with EZER?
I have a truck or van and would like to drive with EZER.

Please download the EZER App and signup as a driver on the bottom of the front screen using the green driver buttons. Fill out the information completely and we’ll be in contact with you to get started. If you have questions, please contact us directly at