E-Commerce Delivery

Your last-mile delivery partner

EZER Delivery is a same-day delivery solution for your local customers, 7-days a week.

E-commerce orders can be delivered to your local customers the same day with EZER Delivery. Orders delivered directly from any local distribution location to your customer’s home or office as needed.

EZER Delivery can help you compete in getting online purchases delivered into your customer’s hands as quick as the items are available. If these items are local, these purchases can be delivered within terms of minutes, not days.


Direct Delivery

Direct delivery to your local customers in terms of minutes, not hours or days.

 B2B and B2C Delivery

E-Commerce Delivery for Home and Business

Same-day delivery for Home or Business E-commerce orders. EZER Delivery will have you covered and offer the best possible service. Oversize items as well as any average parcel size orders.

 Your local delivery partner

Your Delivery Partner

EZER Delivery can be your partner for your local delivery needs. Start the discussion today at Questions for EZER 

EZER for Home Delivery

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EZER Delivery is available to expand into any city, worldwide. Contact us to discuss bringing EZER to your region.