Driving with EZER Delivery

Do you have a Truck or Van?
Do you want to work on your schedule?
Do you want to be your own boss?
Do you have a smart phone?

To drive using the EZER system, please download the EZER App, sign up using the driver buttons and get started today.

Now you can be the boss of your own business. Work when you want, full time or part time, using your own truck or van to pick up and deliver items for businesses and individuals, on-demand or on a schedule as needed.


The EZER app is a tool to directly connect you with businesses and individuals in your area that need your help getting items picked up and delivered locally.


 You can make an extra income in your spare time, nights and weekends or you can be active as much as you like and work full time picking up and delivering items in your area.

What Items could be included?

Everyday items are delivered all through your region. From individuals making a purchase that is too large to fit in their vehicles or don’t have time to pick up to businesses making daily and weekly supply deliveries and home deliveries.

Drivers with EZER are screened, background checked and ready when you need.
EZER carries $1,000,000 general liability policy to protect your items from beginning to end.

These items could be:
  • A large flat screen TV from the electronics store
  • New table and chairs from a department store
  • Items from a warehouse to a store location
  • Supplies from an office supply store
  • Hardware and building supplies needed on a job site
  • Plants and supplies from a garden center
  • Files of paperwork from one office to another across town
  • A BBQ grill from one house to another house
  • Just about anything

How to get started?

To drive using EZER, download the EZER App and follow the green buttons on the home screen. Complete the first couple of screens to set up your account and enter your vehicle information. Then we will move to the next step toward getting you going.

EZER Delivery is available to expand into any city, worldwide. Contact us to discuss bringing EZER to your region.