No Contact Delivery

COVID-19 and EZER Operations

As EZER has always helped during uncertain times and events, we want to continue to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. From right at the beginning of the Coronavirus causing areas to shut down, EZER has been delivering essential supplies, tools, and equipment to local hospitals and medical facilities as needed.

We always want to provide the best experience in using EZER Delivery and to help in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. To better protect you and the drivers with EZER, extra steps will be taken to continually make successful deliveries including no contact deliveries. No contact delivery includes putting items in a pre-arrange location of your request.

Drivers will deliver items as directed at time of delivery or at the pre-arranged location.
Drivers will wear masks and gloves.
Drivers will keep their distance.

No Contact Delivery

we deliver - EZER Delivery

Communication is most important, tell us what you need and EZER Delivery will do what we can to accommodate your needs. If you are not feeling well and still need a delivery, please note this in the order and the drivers will take extra steps to safely make this delivery. Also, please contact us at for any questions and special instructions so that we can also follow up with the drivers as needed.

We want to help as you're reopening and growing your business. Please contact us and let’s take a few minutes to discuss how EZER Delivery can take care of your local customers.